Bioline BS 2010 Instrument washer Disinfector and drieri
(For medical and laboratory appliance)

The Bioline BS-2010 mark the evolution of flexible full system for washing disinfection drying and validation of medical & laboratory item. It is fully automatic vertical front loading system.

Bioline Instrument Washer Disinfector Drier for C.S.S.D.

The instrument is an efficient aid for the cleaning and the thermal disinfection. Ideal for sanitising instruments etc., it is designed and constructed in compliance with the guidelines indicated in the new european directive concerning safety and hygiene.


The machines include the following features:

  • Built-in steam condenser is provided.
  • Powerful washing, drain pump, and dosing pumps are provided.
  • Automatic door locking during all washing cycles
  • Drying of Bowls and Medical appliances is built-in.
  • Digital Timer Controller is provided to give audio signal on completion of washing/ disinfection process.
  • Reputed brand switch gears are used for electrical operation ( Seaman’s / L& T make)
  • Water pressure booster pump is used for water pressure boosting (Optional)

Technical Specifications :

Salt indicator

LED Display

Rinse aid indicator

LED Display

Water supply hose Connector

¾  BSP internal thread

Water pressure

0.3 -10 bars

Maximumenergy consumption/ clycle

1.9 KWH


220 – 240 v

Electrical supply

Single phase 15 AMPS


50 Hz


2 kw

Water Consumption

4.2-17.5 Litres

Maximum power

2.2 kw

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.




Developed by  Hevok Design