Blood Collection Monitor
Model : BBM 2008 & BBM 2008B

Bioline Blood Collection Monitor is compact and provides smooth gentle rocking action for mixing of blood with anticoagulant without damaging blood cell while collection of blood from the donor. The unit is microprocessor- controlled base with magnetically coupled tray and can be calibrated with the standard weight.

Salient Features:

  • Lightweight & portable

  • Suitable any type of blood bag.

  • Model BBM 2008 is powered by main (230 Volts +/- 10, 50Hz.) and Model BBM 2008 B is powered as well as rechargeable battery with 7 to 8 hours operation backup.

  • Set point selection of blood up to 999 ml /gm.

  • Having memory of previous volume for repeated collection.

  • Automatic counter balancing to start the procedure.

  • The tarring range is 0-999 gm. i.e. tarring of bag weight before collection.

  • Automatic clamping at termination of preset volume collection.

  • Continuous display of current status of volume & collection time.

  • Having Gentle Mixing i.e. continuous agitation 12-20 cycle /min .

  • LED indication and audio alarm at the end of collection.

  • Measure volume/ Weight with best accuracy 1 ml/gm

  • The instrument is having audio alarm when blood flow Is more than 90 ml and less than 10 ml within 30 seconds.






Developed by  Hevok Design